The Pakistani government would like you to know that Banazir Bhutto did not die of a gunshot wound, nor was she hit by any shrapnel as a result of the enormous fucking bomb that went off next to her car. No, Bhutto died from a skull fracture caused by ducking back into her vehicle as it was driving away after she totes wasn't shot and wasn't hit by a single piece of shrapnel from the bomb that went off next to her car. They didn't even need a post-mortem to determine that, since she arrived dead at the hospital with a piece of her head missing and her brains oozing out and not breathing from the knock she took to the head as she ducked down inside the car because it sped away really fast despite being surrounded by hundreds of people none of whom were apparently hit. Also, please don't look at about the 12th second of the grainy tape they released when you can see a man stand on the sideboard of her vehicle and point a gun, he definitely wasn't shooting at her at all. [Yahoo News India]


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