Beloved Anti-Gonzales Marine Reveals All!

Half-time report ... - WonketteWhile Alberto Gonzales lisped and lied to the Senate last week, a brave former Marine kept track of each "I don't recall" that Gonzo squeaked out. And a fallen nation swooned.

Who was that dude with the USMC ink? He's Marine Corps Sgt. Adam Charles Kokesh, and he came over to Wonkette to tell his story! Let's catch up with America's favorite Marine since that guy who smoked the cigarette in that one picture, after the jump.

Kokesh survived Iraq -- including 18 days of crazy combat in Fallujah -- and is now at war with George Washington University. Actually, he's getting his master's degree in political management. Now read what he wrote:

* "The hat is a Marine Corps issue Boonie Cover and I only wear it when trying to underscore the veteran point."

* "BTW, that count of 56 was only the half-time score. Senator Schumer actually warned him against saying, 'I don't recall,' and I thought my idea was shot, but he was so far off message it didn't matter anyway. My final count was 74."

* "The real reason I was there (the main reason I hate Gonzales) is because torture policy is bad for US troops. (It's also morally reprehensible.) When I was in Fallujah, (Feb-Sep 2004) I was running a checkpoint at a civil affairs facility when the Abu Ghraib story broke, but I still had to go out the next day and face crowds of Iraqi civilians. I also had to hear the reports of Marines dying around the city because of the angst that was a direct result of that."

You can read Kokesh's full comments here.

At his Iraq Veterans Against the War profile, there are many hilarious tales from his deployment and trying to get home alive in time for the next college semester. It's the funniest profile we've seen on that site, with lots of stuff like this:

I graduated from Native American Preparatory School with the class of 2000 and deferred my enrollment at CMC in order to do something I always wanted to do: run away with the circus. Unfortunately the circus wasn't hiring, so I joined the Marine Corps Reserves instead.

Adam Charles Kokesh []

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