Beloved Democratic Icon Paula Abdul Hearts Hillary Clinton

Feel the Hillmentum! Even though she lost every primary, caucus, and bake-off in the continental United States (and the Virgin Islands!) this weekend, Hillary Clinton has this whole Presidential nomination thing in the bag. Her secret weapon: brave political leader and sometime animated cat dancer Paula Abdul, who effectively gives Clinton the nod in the LA Times.

So what makes Clinton such a compelling candidate? Is it her firm command of the issues, her 35 million years of policy experience, her laser beam eyes? No. It's her "different heart place." Take it away, Paula:

You know I would love to see a woman. You know, it'll change the world, having a female president. ... Women have the ability to take over when there's major crisis and breakdown and a woman has the ability to think on a whole different perspective. From a heart place that is different.

'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul keeps it nice [LA Times]


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