Beloved Epithet 'Welfare Queen' To Be Replaced With 'Welfare Raccoon'


Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has some kind of rambling magical woodland children's bedtime story about coons 'n beetles 'n rat carcass to share with everybody. Here is your Google translation from the original Wingnut Gibberish: "If the EPA leaves buckets of insects scattered around the bulldozers at an abandoned construction site, the poor turn into raccoons and come to eat them at midnight." Literary analysis: Jon Bruning believes the poor like to eat insects as long as they are free, because raccoons won't eat anything they have to pay for. Moral of the story: Jon Bruning believes it is best not to think of poor people as human. Good point, Jon! "Welfare queen" was getting kind of worn out with its connotations of royalty or actual humanity. "Welfare raccoons" it is, from now on! What prompted this bit of dank poetry?

What kind of batshit goal could Bruning possibly have in trying to inadvertently or otherwise re-brand the poor as the kind of scavenging creatures that rednecks like to hunt and kill in their spare time? Oh, just pretend you didn't see it coming for a minute: a run for Senate!

From TPM:

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, a frontrunner to replace retiring Sen. Ben Nelson (R-NE), compared poor people to scavenging racoons in a speech this week.

In a video captured by the liberal group, American Bridge 21st Century, Bruning makes the comparison as part of an elaborate metaphor originally focused on environmental regulations. He describes a requirement that workers at a construction project gather up endangered beetles by luring them into a bucket with a dead rat in order to release them elsewhere. But the plan is thwarted when hungry raccoons then eat them straight out of the rat-infested bucket. Which, according to Bruning, is a perfect image to illustrate how welfare recipients receive their benefits.

You put "dead rat" and "free insects for dinner" into the same sentence and we think more of Nebraska politicians, but eh, just us. [TPM]


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