Beloved Natural Gas Even Worse Than Coal


The Hill today has a detailed story on a Cornell University report that says natural-gas "fracking," endorsed by Obama, among others, is pretty terrible for the environment. What? In The Hill? Oh, the coal lobby must have bought a bigger ad in their paper than the natural-gas lobby.

“The [greenhouse gas] footprint for shale gas is greater than that for conventional gas or oil when viewed on any time horizon, but particularly so over 20 years. Compared to coal, the footprint of shale gas is at least 20% greater and perhaps more than twice as great on the 20-year horizon and is comparable when compared over 100 years,” states the upcoming study from Howarth, who is a professor of ecology and environmental biology, and other Cornell researchers.

Remember when human beings were good at this science thing? Yeah, not anymore. We're never going to improve on these destructive fuel sources that were literally created by DINOSAURS. [The Hill]


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