Beloved Red Muppet Upstages Charles Schumer

Charles Schumer (D-Not Hillary) has a great new book about how the Democrats suck. He did a signing at some rich-people place in Nassau County last weekend, but his moment of glory was forever ruined by Elmo the Muppet from Sesame Street.

After the bookstore manager introduced "Senator Charles Schuman," a few dozen people stopped by his humble table. Elmo -- actually a cloth puppet with ping-pong-ball eyes and a man's hand up its ass -- was mobbed by all the kids. Luckily for Chuck, he has imaginary friends.

Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of the Elmo-Schumer Smackdown, so here's an NYT picture of Condi Rice and Elmo, in Indonesia. It's even scarier than the Bin Laden & Bert photo!

But Elmo wants to learn MORE about fucking up the whole world .. - Wonkette

Schumer not tickled by popular Elmo [Newsday]


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