Ben 'Big Gay Wario' Nelson Offers Crucial Support To 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal


Monstrous Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson is being very liberal again, just like he was when he "jumped the shark" and personally added "free abortions for all" to the health care bill last year. This time around, he isplanning to vote "yes" in committee on the fancy new "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" compromise, giving the gays "15 of 28 committee votes they say they need to add the repeal as an amendment to the annual defense spending bill." Why is Ben Nelson suddenly turning his back on Real Americans such as Nebraskan farmers?

“I don’t believe that most Nebraskans want to continue a policy that not only encourages but requires people to be deceptive and to lie," Nelson said, adding later that the current ban "encourages suspicion and senior officers to look the other way. In a military which values honesty and integrity, this policy encourages deceit."

Well, whatever that means, okay. Good for Ben Nelson, the gayest senator of all time. Will he be allowed to dine at any of Nebraska's lovely pizza parlors after this?

[Washington Post]


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