Death From Above is Magic

Ben Carson may not know anything about actual policy or facts or boring details like how the Supreme Court works, but he's a real quick study when it comes to finding stuff that will excite rightwing supporters. And if Donald Trump is going to build a YOOGE classy completely impermeable wall to keep Messicans from all over South America from crossing the border, then Ben Carson has an idea to top that: Use drones against immigrants. Not reconnaissance drones to monitor their movements so the Border Patrol can arrest them, but something a bit more permanent. In Arizona Wednesday, Carson said he'd be open to armed drone strikes against illegal entrants, because wow, that would be so cool.

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In an appearance with Pinal County Sheriff Paul "I'm not your 'sweet Babeau!' Babeau -- whose county, it should be noted, isn't actually on the border -- Carson seemed perfectly OK with raining Hellfire-missile death onto people for crossing the border illegally, never mind that immigration violations are a civil and not even a criminal matter. Phoenix station KPHO recorded part of the exchange:

The idea of treating border crossers like the Taliban or ISIS was even too much for Babeau, but not for Carson. Sheriff Babeau thought maybe "drone strikes on American soil seems a little over the top, even to entertain that idea." But Carson knows entertainment, so he said sure, let's go for it:

You can entertain all kinds of things. Here’s the take-home point: The take-home point is that we have excellent military leaders and we need to employ their expertise because this is a war we are fighting. That’s the bottom line.

Or at least employ their toys, because we're pretty sure that the Pentagon -- which isn't running for the GOP nomination -- might have a few objections to using its hardware to blow away citizens of countries that we actually consider allies, even if they're on the wrong side of the border.

Though not recorded on video, KPHO reporter Dennis Welch caught a few additional Deep Thoughts that Dr. Carson shared about the efficacy of just plain vaporizing illegal immigrants, who are by definition Bad Guys:

Carson didn't quite specify whether he'd limit his "boom, and they're gone" policy to immigrants in caves, but he can certainly take some pride in having upped the ante well belong that wimpy little mile-high gold-plated Great Wall of Trump, which seems tame by comparison. We're guessing that Donald will respond with a proposal to add minefields, machine-gun-nests (but very classy ones, only the best) and possibly a great big laser like the Death Star had to his wall. Pew! Pew! Pew! and then nothing but a splotch of burned desert.

Why, yes, we're looking forward to the next GOP primary debate. Why do you ask? Maybe Rand Paul will have some ideas about blowing away burglars with drones again.

[RightWingWatch / KPHO / Drone design lovingly borrowed from Tom Tomorrow's Droney the Friendly Drone -- go buy a shirt!]

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