Ben Shapiro Gonna Make His Own Razors, And His Own Disney, And, And, And ... Other Stuff Too

Ben Shapiro Gonna Make His Own Razors, And His Own Disney, And, And, And ... Other Stuff Too

Ben Shapiro has been very upset, for some time now, over corporations going "woke" — or, in other words, keeping up with the times and not alienating valued customers. Lately, he's been particularly mad at Disney CEO Bob Chapek for not being horrible enough as it concerns Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill, which should come as a surprise to pretty much anyone who has been paying attention to Chapek's various responses to said bill. Disney employees have been staging walkouts, customers have been issuing complaints, and the best he's been able to do is "pause" donations to all politicians in Florida (belatedly) and make vague promises about supporting the LGBTQ community and being a better ally in the future.

But even that is too much for Ben Shapiro. As far as he is concerned, any acknowledgement that gay or trans people exist is a "slap in the face" to people who would prefer that they did not, whether it be from teachers or from corporations. So he plans to stick it to Disney and other "woke" corporations by "competing" with them.

On an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show this week, Shapiro announced that the Daily Wire would soon be creating "content" for children, so that parents who really, really, really hate LGBTQ people will have someplace safe to park their darlings. Shapiro said, "if you want entertainment that’s going to cater to your children, we’re going to start making kids' content over here at Daily Wire. Specifically so you don’t have to be catered to by companies who hate your guts and cater to the people who despise your values.”

Oh boy. That should be exciting. I for one am looking forward to a Cinderella in which the real hero stops the Fairy Godmother from giving Cinderella any "handouts" and a Beauty and the Beast where the Beast has to stay a beast forever because it's just impossible for a person to be one thing on the outside and another on the inside.

During another part of the show, Shapiro explained that this was also why the Daily Wire has gotten into trying to "produce" movies and whatnot.

We’ve been doing this on the entertainment side. Our entire premise was ‘the left is slapping you in the face with entertainment. They’re constantly making movies that are messaged at how horrible you are, and then they are making money off of you at the same time and using that money to funnel into these little art house projects that are designed to undermine your relationship with your kids.

One thing I will give to Shapiro here is that he is at least honest about what his issues are with this shit. He doesn't pretend that he's concerned that teachers will be showing explicit pornography in the classroom. He admits that he just doesn't want them to tell kids that LGBTQ people exists. He also admits that much of this is about parents not wanting their kids to figure out that they are bigots, which is what many of us have been saying for some time now.

All of this was in context, by the way, of his boss starting a razor company.

Last year, razor subscription company Harry's Razors pulled $80,000 worth of advertisements from the Daily Wire after being informed that Michael Knowles of The Michael Knowles Show is a transphobic douchebag. It seems that the aptly named Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing has been harboring a grudge about that since then. In order to get them back, he has started his own razor company and went on Shapiro's show to have a hilarious discussion about how "Corporate America" is meant to be a glorious bulwark against government overreach, but is failing in that regard because they care more about not getting bad publicity than they do about protecting the feelings of bigots.

It's almost as if these folks think the purpose of advertising is to encourage people to buy things rather than discouraging them from doing so by financially supporting bigots. They also seem to understand that it's better for business to be ahead of the times rather than behind the times on issues of social justice, and have probably noticed that although Shapiro and his ilk like to claim that their views represent the majority of the country, that is not actually true anywhere outside of their own heads. No, really. Polls show that US Americans overwhelmingly oppose bans on gender affirmative care, oppose bans on trans student athletes, and support the 2021 Equality Act.

That being said, we should fully encourage Shapiro and friends to try their hands at making their own shit instead of constantly whining about everyone else "slapping them in the face" by not capitulating to their worldview. If these ventures are half as hilarious as the time he very seriously answered a letter asking him if he would steal a loaf of bread to feed his family by singing "Stars" from Les Mis, a song about spending one's life hunting down a man who stole a loaf of bread because "those who falter and those who fall must pay the price!" — it will certainly be worth it.

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