They're probably not goin to be nice to each other like this anymore, oh well.

[contextly_sidebar id="mycKYC4DTVveYbhxJbEcCcxC3aFCdgN0"]Oh gosh, what a week it has been, and it's not over yet. First Hillary eked out the minorest of beatings against Bernie in the Iowa caucuses. Like so minor that if some of the coin tosses had gone the other way, we'd say Bernie eked out a beating against Hillary, which wouldn't be nice, Bernie, BOYS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BEAT UP GIRLS. Just kidding, Bernie could have beated her in the electoral way and it would have been OK. There's no Democratic debate tonight (that's tomorrow night, on the MSNBC, and we will be liveblogging), but there is a CNN town hall. What's going to happen???? They're gonna fight probably.

Are you #FeelingTheBern? Are you Ready For Hillary? (Those are t-shirt links by the way.) Are you just gay for Anderson Cooper? If that's the case, he's the moderator, so you can direct your starbursts right at him.

It's airing on the CNN network at 9 PM Eastern, or if you have a cable package, you can watch it on internets at CNNGo. And no, we are not liveblogging it because gah, you guys. We'll stick to the real debates, SORRY NOT SORRY to the sexxxy son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

CNN says you should be on the lookout to see if Bernie acts like a dick; Hillary loses the election right then and there; or maybe Hillary acts like a dick; whether they even talk about the Republicans; and if they sibling bicker over who REALLY winned Iowa. Seriously, that is CNN's entire article distilled into Wonkettese.

Probably they're just going to do a million coin tosses until Bernie wins some and then go get drunk.

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Evan Hurst

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