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Harry Reid allowed friendly old Vermont socialist senator Bernie Sanders to bring his 700+ page single-payer establishing health care amendment to the floor today for a symbolic vote, hooray. But then C-Street cumbucket Tom Coburn decided to waste more taxpayer money by forcing a page to read the entire bill aloud, word-for-word, a process that would have taken more than a dozen hours. Bernie allowed this jackassery to go on for a little while before removing his amendment and instead delivering a RADICAL FIERY STEMWINDER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, part of which you can watch in the clip above.

Of course, Bernie's creation of this amendment and impressive, passionate speech on its merits was not good enough to satisfy the terrifyingly self-important (but growing) mafia headquartered at the Fire Dog Lake blog, one of whose writers has managed to title a post, "Bernie Sanders is a coward."

12 hours is enough to kill this bill? If only we progressives knew that we could have made that our strategy to kill it!

Sanders talks a great game, but he has never once acted as a true progressive should. He could single handedly pull a Lieberman and block this bill.

Will he? Of course not, in the end he’s just a party man like Lieberman.

He is not a REAL PROGRESSIVE like us. We the pseudonymous bloggers invented the word PROGRESSIVE and will not allow this "other Joe Lieberman" guy to use the adjective or noun PROGRESSIVE. PROGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE.

If Bernie Sanders was in any way at all PROGRESSIVE he would have "pushed harder" to make sure a PROGRESSIVE single-payer system was voted into law and enacted today. THAT IS ALL THAT WE THE PROGRESSIVES SHALL ACCEPT. Bernie Sanders is not PROGRESSIVE so much as he is BILL KRISTOL AND HITLER COMBINED. Sure, when he was mayor of Burlington he may have made it the first American city to establish a government-funded community land trust for housing, but that is not PROGRESSIVE and he is the MOST CONSERVATIVE SENATOR IN THE HISTORY OF POLITICS, as proven today, when he decided not to force those little pages to read legislative language for an entire legislative day immediately before Holiday Recess.



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