Best Walking Shoes For Women's To Ensure Safety And Comfort! Tabs, Mon., July 18, 2022

Best Walking Shoes For Women's To Ensure Safety And Comfort! Tabs, Mon., July 18, 2022

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So ...

Within minutes, Simpo spotted the suspect, later identified as Guido Herrera, near the Westin Ballroom entrance, within a few feet of hundreds of children. Surveillance video shows Herrera wearing a shirt with the Punisher logo, carrying a rifle in one hand, a Bible in another, and wearing a leather mask with spikes.

And yet it was in Texas, and the man hadn't killed the children yet. So.

Once under arrest, police took inventory of what he carried. Besides the rifle and Bible, they also found 120 rounds of ammunition and a handgun. However, since Herrera didn't actually shoot anyone, he did not commit a felony offense under Texas law.

ABC 13

Show me the lie:

Democrats are sounding dire warnings after Sen. Joe Manchin tanked their hopes of acting on climate change.

“We’re all going to die,” House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., told reporters when asked about the consequences of Congress failing to act.

NBC News

When are those Secret Service agents going to testify anyway? (CNN)

Unclear why Montana Planned Parenthood will do a procedural abortion on patients from out of state but not a medication abortion. Still, there's a couple of independent clinics who will help you, non-Montanans. — KTVH

Pregnant in Missouri? No divorce for you! (Riverfront Times)

Local elections where abortion is on the line. — Bolts Mag

Here's a pretty out-there 2021 story I missed of a Montana lunatic managing to DQ a proposed "heritage area" that would have brought tourism and a teensy bit of federal money, based entirely on things in her own head. And the people believed her :) (Gift link NYT)

Soraya McDonald on the film The United States v. Billie Holiday, as well as on better films and books about her, and everyone who failed her or worse.

The film’s source material is Johann Hari’s Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs, in which Hari details Harry J. Anslinger’s obsessive quest to shut Holiday up, particularly when she began singing the anti-lynching protest song, “Strange Fruit.” Anslinger was the head of the Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics. His campaign to either catch or frame Holiday with drugs was part of a greater crusade against jazz and Black advancement in American society. Or, as Hari told the NPR podcast Throughline, “He was so racist that he was regarded as a crazy racist in the 1920s.”


Republicans want to carve out an anti-SPAM exception for their spam emails to you. And this one guy isn't just spam, he's pretty fucking clearly actual fraud. — Techdirt

This is wonderful: Jim Thorpe is returned his solo Olympic Gold medals and is once again the greatest athlete of all time. [Indian Country Today / good story at NYT with gift link on us]

Is crypto money? No it is moneylike. — Cory Doctorow at Medium

Margaret's Grocery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and one woman's mission to save the roadside art. (Thrillist)

The easiest way to get this opulent Nordic tasting menu is by inflatable power boat. You heard them, get me an inflatable power boat! — Food and Wine

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