Beto Said A Cuss, And The Daily Caller Is TELLING!

The Daily Caller would like to report a cussing, everyone! And not just any cussing, it was a SPECTACULAR cussing, the kind that makes everybody but the Daily Caller sit up and say, "THAT'S RIGHT, BETO, WHAT THE FUCK!"

Yes, the Daily Caller has the absolute worst take on Beto O'Rourke snapping at the media for asking stupid questions it already knows the answer to, about whether Donald Trump's constant racial hatred and incitement might have something to do with why white men keep attacking and murdering people, particularly people of color, in Trump's name.

He promised! The Daily Caller is gonna tell the teacher! And after that, the Daily Caller is going to remind the teacher that she hasn't assigned tonight's homework yet, in case the teacher forgot. Everybody hates the Daily Caller, because the Daily Caller is that obnoxious teacher's pet goody goody loser who ruins school for everybody else every single day. (Also, it's racist.)

The article is written by some dumbass named Peter Hasson, who is listed as a "senior reporter" for the esteemed publication, you know, because you really need some reportin' chops to report Beto to the cussing police for saying cusses, then saying he's not gonna cuss anymore, but then, in a moment of absolutely righteous rage and exhaustion, saying cusses.

As usual for the Daily Caller, the article itself is pretty straight-forward. It quotes O'Rourke's comments, notes that he has made a pledge to stop saying swears twice and that he has broken it twice, and says that "O'Rourke's campaign did not return a request for comment." That's got to be the most embarrassing thing in the history of forever, to call a campaign for the sole purpose of saying, "YOU SAID A BAD WORD."

The article doesn't mention that Donald Trump is the single most vulgar president we ever had, who not only says cusses, but also lies eight times a minute and has been accused of rape by multiple women, or that the El Paso shooter's manifesto was clearly inspired by Trump. That stuff is just not relevant to this article, which is about Beto O'Rourke saying "F"s.

The Daily Caller lets the commenters do the real editorializing, because that's what they always do. All misspelled words and butcherings of the English language are original, because this is a conservative comments section:

  • Just about every time Pedo O'Dorkus opens his mouth, it's just ignorance and stupidity.
  • Because not one of these liberals can utter a sentence without using MF, or other words similar. They were raised by ignorant parents that probably spoke like that when they were children. Can't blame Trump for that.
  • Beto and the entire Democrat candidate group are a cluster F Word. Sorry.

Aw, that last commenter apologized for saying "cluster F Word." Bet Jesus is very impressed.

When we wrote about Beto O'Rourke's comments, we predicted, because of the relative immaturity on the Right when it comes to such things, that certain conservative types would be far more upset that he said "fuck" AND that he took the Lord's name in vain ("Jesus Christ, of COURSE he's a racist!") than they'd be about what he was actually saying, in the aftermath of yet another white supremacist terrorist attack. We are sure there are a whole bunch more right-wingers out there upset about it too, but we're not going to look for them, because fuck that.

You know, unless you think we should go visit Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man On The Internet, and see what lies he's saying about Beto O'Rourke today.

NOPE, not doing it, you can't make us, the end.

[Daily Caller]

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