Beware, Conservatives! Fred Thompson Is a 'Neocon Globalist'

Also a no-nonsense District Attorney in the teevee! - WonketteWe're on the Conservative News Yahoo mailing list, obviously, and we paid extra close attention to today's e-mail:

Many people are engaged in a type of idolatry when it comes to Fred Thompson. Certainly, he's better than McCain, Giuliani or Romney -- but that isn't saying very much. They are horrible. We like this op-ed, which you should post to your blogs.
The op-ed in question reveals Secrets about the famous teevee actor and Watergate prosecutor, such as:

* "Fred Thompson is a neocon globalist."

* "He had a rather lackluster record on immigration while in the Senate."

* "Fred Thompson also supports affirmative action, and ideologically worships free trade, regardless how much it harms America."

* "He furthermore is a 'fellow' at the American Enterprise Institute, one of the largest (and most sinister) neocon think-tanks, which demonstrates where his true loyalty lies."

* "Let's pray that the more real conservatives learn about Fred Thompson, the more unacceptable he will appear."

We totally endorse putting scare quotes around the word fellow, and we would like to add that Fred Thompson could be a secret Jew.

Fred Thompson: Neocon Globalist [Canada Free Press]


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