As America reached and surpassed 100,000 (confirmed) coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, Donald Trump marked the moment by whining about Twitter hurting his feelings, going to Florida for SPACESHIP! but Elon Musk couldn't get it up womp womp, and by announcing he was going to sign an executive order about Twitter hurting his feelings.

Oh yeah, and a day late and so many dollars short, somebody else wrote this tweet for Trump this morning:

We have just reached a very sad milestone with the coronavirus pandemic deaths reaching 100,000. To all of the families & friends of those who have passed, I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy & love for everything that these great people stood for & represent. God be with you!

We know somebody else wrote it because all the words are spelled correctly, there are no illiterate and weird "quotation marks," there are no lies, and he didn't even accuse any innocent people of murder or WITCH HUNT or whatever else. Oh yeah, and no whining.

Trump may be the stupidest person in America, but let's be fair, he's also empty, broken, and devoid of empathy and all other normal human emotions. He couldn't write even that pissant phoned-in message.

It's easy to forget, during this historic pandemic, but we are electing a president in 159 days, which means we are in full-on election season. If this were the 2016 election, for comparison's sake, we'd be days away from seeing the first major evidence that Russia was fucking with the 2016 election. For 2020 it's ... LOL fuck it, it's probably the same timeline.

But we do have a presumptive nominee, and his name is Joe Biden, and if there is one thing Biden is good at, it's being the comforter-in-chief, especially when grief is involved. And he released a video message to mark 100,000 lives lost, and you can watch it and remember what a president looks like, and what it could be like to once again have a president who possesses the humanity to actually fucking say something.

Biden has of course experienced more than his share of personal grief in his life, but this video isn't necessarily that different from what you might get from President Clinton, President Obama, or even, yes, President Gee Dubya Bush, who was very comforting when he wasn't heckuva-jobbing or pet-goating. [Editrix's note: Speak for yourself EVAN. Now watch this drive.]

Fox News, in the understatement of the century, reported this as "Trump, Biden mark coronavirus death toll in different ways." That's one way of putting it! (Full transcript follows.)

Joe Biden reacts as US coronavirus death toll passes 100,000

BIDEN: My fellow Americans, there are moments in our history so grim, so heart-rending, that they're forever fixed in each of our hearts. Our shared grief today is one of those moments .100,000 lives have now been lost to this virus here in the United States alone, each one leaving behind a family that will never again be whole.

I think I know what you're feeling. You feel like you're being sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest. It's suffocating. Your heart is broken. There's nothing but a feeling of emptiness right now. For most of you, you weren't able to be there when you lost your beloved family member or best friend. For most of you, you were unable to be there when they died alone.

With the pain, the anger, and the frustration you'll wonder whether or not you'll ever be able to get anywhere from here. It's made all the worse by knowing that this is a fateful milestone we should have never reached. It could have been avoided according to a study done by Columbia University, if the administration had acted just one week earlier to implement social distancing and do what it had to do. Just one week sooner as many as 36,000 of these deaths might have been averted.

To all of you who are hurting so badly, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know there's nothing I or anyone else can say or do to dull the sharpness of the pain you feel right now. But I can promise you from experience, the day will come when the memory of your loved one will bring a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. My prayer for all of you is that they will come sooner rather than later. But I promise you it will come, and when it does you know you can make it.

God bless each and every one of you and the blessed memory of the one you lost. This nation grieves with you. Take some solace from the fact that we all grieve with you.

You know, except Donald Trump, who's off crying somewhere because Twitter dared to suggest he was full of shit. That piece of shit is not grieving with you.

Biden may not have been your perfect candidate. He wasn't ours, personally. But man, oh man, to hear a president speak like that again.

We can have that, in January, after we elect the guy in November and spend the next two months leaving trails of Big Macs to lure Donald Trump out of the White House while he tweets about how rigged it all was.


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