Biden's On A Beach! In America! While It's Snowing In Other Parts Of America!

Biden's On A Beach! In America! While It's Snowing In Other Parts Of America!

President Joe Biden is on vacation, and the usual suspects are shocked and appalled. A Fox News headline proclaims, "Biden vacations in Virgin Islands as Americans face problems at home." What are those problems? It's the (rightwing-manufactured) "border crisis, inflation, and a deadly winter storm." (Okay, that last one is real.) There's no rest for this wicked president until he's fixed every single problem impacting the nation right now.

Fox News

The Daily Mail snarks, "What Christmas crisis? Bidens enjoy Caribbean paradise after 'blizzard of the century' killed dozens and Southwest's latest meltdown stranded tens of thousands across the nation." Oh no! Why, he's no better than Sen. Ted "Cancun" Cruz, who bailed on his constituents during a crisis.


Ted Cruz Flees With Family To Mexico Looking For Better Life


Of course, Cruz lives in Texas and was already in the state when a major blizzard struck and left millions without power. It was the middle of February not the holiday season when families often travel so they can spend time together. The whole point of the Cancun trip was to escape what Heidi Cruz described as "FREEZING" weather.

Also, the US Virgin Islands are in ... the US. Odd that those headlines left that out, eh what? Must not have had room for those two giant letters.

Biden can't exactly travel to Buffalo, New York. No one should right now. He can't snap his fingers and make Southwest a reputable airline. No one can. However, Biden's highly capable Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is on the case. If Cruz could've similarly delegated, we'd have been fine with him flying off to Cancun ... and staying there.

The helpful Daily Mail also noted that deadbeat Biden is staying at a cushy beachfront St. Croix vacation home FOR FREE. Apparently, whenever Daily Mail staff members stay at a friend's house, they have to pay upfront in cash or Venmo.

Daily Mail

The New York Post writes that Biden "has a long record of staying for free at the houses of wealthy Democratic donors." Yes, he has friends, who are probably also Democrats. The White House confirms that the Bidens are staying with Bill and Connie Neville, who are from Alabama so you know that the first family will eat well.

Check out this nonsense from the Post:

The 80-year-old commander-in-chief will bask in the Caribbean sun near an in-ground pool at a three-bedroom beachfront villa with sweeping views on the largest of the US Virgin Islands.

Meanwhile, travel chaos, widespread power outages and rising deaths caused by single-digit weather continue across the Midwest and East Coast, but especially in western New York, where at least 32 people died in Buffalo’s Erie County amid more than 4 feet of snow.

You could "meanwhile" a downer into any positive situation. While you were having the best fuck of your life, a little girl probably fell down a well somewhere and drowned. Also, Biden is always the president, regardless of his location. It's why I never piled on Donald Trump for his frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago while president. I was glad to let Florida have him.

CNN speculates that Biden will make a final decision about running for re-election during this trip. I keep telling you people that this decision was already made, but let's keep dragging out the 2024 news cycle.

The Bidens have vacationed in the Virgin Islands for more than a decade, often around the holidays. In 2020, Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. said, "We consider [Biden] our hometown president.” That might bruise Delaware's ego, but its beaches really can't compare. And the Bidens are very much "beach people," because only total creeps ever complain about sand.

According to a close acquaintance, the Bidens both "prefer hot and sunny and humid to wet and snowy and cold." May they enjoy their tropical vacation. The haters can go stuff a snowball someplace.

[Associated Press / CNN]

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