Biden Sent To Congress To Get Democrats To Give Up On Tax Cut Plan

Biden Sent To Congress To Get Democrats To Give Up On Tax Cut Plan

Democrats are a little upset that Obama hung out with Congress' Republican leadership and came back with one of their matching "Tax Cuts Forever"-scripted leather jackets, so they're not sure they will go along with his breathtaking cave (ooh! pretty stalactites!) on the issue. But Obama is very determined for his party in the legislature to give up their plan and take the Republican position, so he'ssent Joe Biden to the Hill to smooth things over. We have no idea how Biden got the part, because it's a role that seems better suited to Steve Buscemi, but he will probably be successful, in spite of himself. If there's one thing Democrats can agree on, it's surrendering to opposition.

A senior administration official expressed confidence that Biden could persuade Democrats to support the pending agreement.

“We are hopeful we can get good support for this,” said the official. “We will continue the process of talking to members in the House and Senate to bring them on board.”

Did this source really need to be unnamed? What an innocuous statement. "Also, tell your readers that pizza is sometimes good with a little blue cheese dressing on it. But do NOT reveal my name. I could get in a lot of trouble." Those people are so skittish. "THE GIANT TAX MONSTER WILL EAT ME IF HE THINKS I SAID I WANT TO RAISE TAXES."

Anyway, Bernie Sanders is threatening to filibuster this thing, which is something Democrats used to do with Bush domestic policies like the one Obama wants to pass. [The Hill]


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