All Fun And Games Until Biden Pants-es Rick Scott And Mike Lee With America Watching

Here's a fuck around and find out moment for ya.

Barely Speaker Kevin McCarthy told his people not to do any outbursts. Presumably this includes his work wife Marjorie Taylor Greene. Shit lotta control he's got. He is not the Republican caucus's boss. They are his boss.

So during President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, there were great big pant-shitting crybaby Republican outbursts, and Biden used them to his complete advantage.

ABOUT LAST NIGHT! The State Of Our Union Is ... BLOGGED!

For instance, when he masterfully tricked Republicans into becoming performatively furious about the very suggestion that they want to destroy Social Security and Medicare. He tricked them into cheering for Social Security. Biden quipped that he had finally achieved "unanimity" on something.

It was fabulous.

Enjoy the video, again or for the first time:

As the clip begins, Rep. Lauren Boebert is sneering and shaking head her like Chili's brought her bone-in wings instead the boneless she clearly requested. And Biden said "some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to sunset." (That's GOP Senator Rick Scott's plan.) "I'm not saying it's a majority," he added, but it didn't matter. The feral cows on the Republican side of the chamber were loudly jeering and mooing their disapproval. Greene stood up and yelled and pointed her finger like a drunk redneck at a Little League game.

Biden had their number. He said he was glad for Republicans' sudden "conversion." They kept mooing. Biden also said, "we're not going to be moved into being threatened to default on the debt if we don't respond." And Democrats cheered.

And right then, the camera caught this creeper and this other creeper sitting next to each other with these looks on their faces:

Unfair! Senators Mike Lee and Rick Scott were so mad. Especially Lee, that snake.

Meidas Touch made this side-by-side video of Lee whipping his non-existent hair and scowling at Biden's mere suggestion he wants to destroy Social Security, and Lee saying with his mouth that he wants to destroy Social Security.

Undead Batboy Rick Scott responded this morning by A) admitting that according to his dumbfuck plan, all federal legislation would sunset after five years and B) pretending we're too stupid to understand how that would play out. Everybody knows that in the hands of the irresponsible, nihilistic, insurrectionist, non-governing Republican Party, this means they'd just block new votes on anything they'd like to see disappear, like Social Security and Medicare. And if it didn't work, they'd try again in five more years.

Rick Scott Clarifies: I Want To Hurt You, Like A Lot

It would be chaos, and that's exactly what these motherfuckers want. Wouldn't Americans love worrying about whether Rick Scott will succeed in murdering their healthcare and their Social Security checks every five years?

Oh no, Rick Scott is being silenced. He should talk more. People love it when he does that.

Look, it's simple. Rick Scott and Mike Lee and all the other jeering Republicans are mad Joe Biden pants-ed them so publicly. And as Matt Gertz from Media Matters points out here in this mini-thread, it super-fucking pisses them off when Democrats talk openly and honestly about Republican goals and plans, and refuse to use their euphemisms.

Related, here is a good thread of Republicans saying they want to murder Social Security and Medicare, for you to bookmark. Surprise, many of them are pretending they are saving them.

As we all know, Social Security and Medicare are extremely, extremely, extremely popular.

Also extremely popular? Joe Biden's State of the Union address. (Good segue, Wonkette!)

According to a CNN poll, 72 percent of Americans liked Joe Biden's speech, including 43 percent of Republicans. Before the speech, 52 percent thought Biden's policies would move America in the right direction. After the speech it was 71 percent. Biden specifically moved people who were "skeptical" of him, CNN says. According to the poll, only seven percent of that group thought his policies would send America in the right direction, a number that rose to 45 percent after the speech.

Oh, and what did viewers NOT like, according to Fox News's immediate reaction dial? Here is Steve Doocy on "Fox & Friends" pointing out this morning to Kevin McCarthy that independents HATED all the vile, immature Republican heckling. In response, McCarthy said Joe Biden was "trying to goad the members and the members are passionate about it." We guess it's not fair to ask Republicans to act like mature adults under such circumstances.

Then he lied some more about Republicans not wanting to destroy Social Security, naturally.

In the same interview, Kevin McCarthy referred to "what this nation went through last week," and he was talking about "balloon," because Republicans are very traumatized by "balloon."

In summary and in conclusion, balloons are scary and Rick Scott and Mike Lee ain't got no pants on because Joe Biden stole them, the end.

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