Look, Joe Manchin And Kyrsten Sinema! The President Is Giving A Voting Rights Speech!
Video screenshot, Washington Post

Texas Democrats are in DC, having deplaned last night after fleeing the state to deny Texas Republicans the quorum they need to pass their new Jim Crow voting bill. From what we're hearing in interviews with Texas Dems, they're planning on camping out as long as they can. (Which is a big fucking deal, because being a member of the Texas House is a part-time job and these people have jobs and families and lives.)

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is in Philly to deliver a big, already-planned speech on voting rights. The confluence of these two things this week is ... well, if Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema still can't be moved to reform the filibuster to pass the For the People Act or something like it, it might be time to just stop pretending they really care that much about voting rights.

Politico reports that Biden will use his speech to "blast the denial of the right to vote as grounded in autocracy, undemocratic, un-American, and unpatriotic." And more:

[T]he president will call for a "new coalition" of advocates, activists, students, faith leaders, labor leaders, and business executives "to overcome this un-American trend and meet the moment" through "turnout and voter education."

Biden will say "in no uncertain terms" that attempts to limit voting access in Republican-led states "are the most significant threat today to the integrity of our elections, and to the security of the right to vote for people of all races and backgrounds," said [a White House official], who shared some details of the speech. And the president will take aim at election changes that "could allow partisans to throw out the votes of anyone for made up reasons," in what appears to be a reference to Georgia's new law where the state legislature now appoints the majority of the board of elections and that board can replace local election officials.

Sounds meaty. But maybe not meaty enough that he's actually going to tell the Senate to fix the fucking filibuster, so that frustrates us to no end. He seems pretty committed to the idea that the Senate should make the rules for the Senate. Which, in normal times, we would get. These are not normal times. Maybe those Texas Dems can get some hard truths into some senators' thick heads back in DC.

But today's speech is important. Politico has more on what to expect, and the AP has a preview as well.

As for Wonkette, we gots this video, so you can watch the president say the words your damn self:


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