Bidens Will Be Forced To Live In Filthy D.C.


Say it ain't so, Joe!Joe Biden used to have a nice life. He did his work at the Senate, and then he took a relaxing train ride back to his nice house and family in Delaware. Thanks to the sinister schemes of your new president, Barack Obama, the happy times of Joe Biden will all end forever in January, when he will be forced by Secret Service gunpoint to leave his beloved home and take residence in the creepy abandoned lair of Dick Cheney.

The New York Timesreports today:

The Bidens and their aides declined to discuss their plans or the question of whether Dr. Biden would find a new job in Washington. But friends and colleagues said that in all the decades Mr. Biden worked in Washington, he never had much of a social life there. He rarely stuck around for an evening fund-raiser or a cocktail party. He was not a regular at typical lawmaker haunts like the Capital Grille or Charlie Palmer, instead inviting people to the Senate dining room if he happened to be in town for dinner.

“I think he was far more interested in his children than the social whirl,” said Senator Patrick J. Leahy, a longtime Biden friend. "I have to kid him a little bit, because he’s no longer going to be asking, 'Are we going to finish this vote by 7:45?' so he can make this mad dash to the train.”

Ha ha, Leahy, now Biden will be saying, "Are we going to finish this vote by 7:45, so I can do my prayers of Ramadan or whatever at the White House?"

The Bidens new neighbors will be the British Ambassador, Hillary Clinton, and whatever corpses turn up on the lawn or in Rock Creek Park. Sorry, Joe.

Mr. Biden Goes To Washington [NY Times]


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