Big $ale On Truck Nutz At McCain-Palin HQ!

Big $ale On Truck Nutz At McCain-Palin HQ!

Yo bitches check out the details about this FIRESALE at McCain-Palin headquarters, according to a report from an anonymous operative in Virginia: "I just came back from the McCain-Palin regional headquarters in Arlington, VA. They are selling all of their office equipment - it was very depressing, but I did lay hands on a nice 19" LCD screen for only $113!" More infoz after the jump!

"For the interested, the address is 1235 S Clark Street, Arlington VA. It's right near the Crystal City metro stop; in fact, you don't even need to go above ground to get there. You can just go through (appropriately) the mall, and when you get to the building take the elevator up to (appropriately) the 13th floor, which is not labeled as such but rather as (hilariously) the 'M' floor.

"There were also Blackberries on sale ($30), laptops, LCDs, flags, tables, chairs, printers, phones, etc. Makes a great christmas present!"

If you head over to terrible Arlington for this sale, please take some pixxx and send them to us, ok? Deal? And If you see Palin there, DO NOT feed her your human food.


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