Big Business Sends Wish List To Santa Trump, Doesn't Even Ask For Pony

Big Business Sends Wish List To Santa Trump, Doesn't Even Ask For Pony

We heard a lot about “job-killing regulations” during the Obama years. Specifically, we heard from Republicans that Obama’s job-killing regulations were holding back economic growth, and that he was doing this on purpose because he hated America. (Many of them really added that last part, remember? Unlike liberals criticizing Trump, they had to invent lame, unsupportable shit like that, because Obama was something our ancient scribes of history once called a “decent person.”)

Now that the modern ignorant sex-creep narcissist toddler version of Warren Harding is president, we can expect the swift demise of Obama’s “job-killing regulations.”

In fact, here it comes already! The Business Roundtable, a lobbying group of leading companies in energy, health care, finance, retail, and other major scams, some of which are likely boning you with their gilded dicks right this second, has sent to Trump a list of specific regulations it’d like to see gone or revised.

There are 22 items on the list, and one of them is “Please stop making us disclose how much more we CEOs make compared to our employees.”

If you do the math, that means roughly 5% of the items on this list of the VERY WORST REGULATIONS IN AMERICA are just CEOs being nervous that people might learn how astonishingly rich they are. You see, though, this regulation “requires chief executives to certify what is an arbitrary and often meaningless number." Poor dears!

Another one is “Please stop making us prove we don’t violate labor laws before we can get government contracts.” (They want the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order [EO 13673] rescinded.)

Another one is “Please stop making us disclose when we use materials we looted out of war zones” because, uh, it’s expensive! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Expensive!

Yr Wonkette is not A Economist, but these don’t seem like regulations that are killing all that many jobs. They seem like pretty good regulations to us.

Now, to be fair, there are some more significant-sounding proposals, like undoing the rule that would qualify more workers for overtime pay, and nixing new environmental regulations on coal-fired power plants. But neither of these rules is yet in effect. To date, they’ve killed zero jobs.

So the next time someone argues that “job-killing regulations” are throttling the economy, remember that the biggest corporations in America have already proven, in their very own proposal, that this is bullshit.

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