'Big Lie' True Believer CO Elections Clerk Catches A Few Charges And By 'A Few' We Mean All Of Them!

'Big Lie' True Believer CO Elections Clerk Catches A Few Charges And By 'A Few' We Mean All Of Them!
Tina Peters hugs MyPillow guy at Fraudapalooza.

Tina Peters, the Colorado elections clerk who went on stage at Mike Lindell's cyberfraud hoedown and swore she had proof of vote stealing, got herself indicted today on 10 charges arising out of her attempt to collect "proof" of the alleged vote fuckery. Despite Trump's 62 percent vote share in Mesa County, Colorado, where Peters oversaw elections until she was removed from her post last year, Peters insisted the Dominion machines were corrupt. Then some sort of way the Gateway Pundit got its hands on video of the county's voting machines and their passwords.

When last we left our girl Tina, she was patriotically kicking a cop in a bagel shop as he attempted to seize the iPad on which she had allegedly recorded a court hearing for her fellow Big Lie traveler and former co-worker Belinda Knisley, who also picked up some charges this morning. The pair of them were alleged to have deactivated security cameras to give some outside person access to the voting machines so he could image the hard drives and catch those dirty election stealers in the act. Peters and Knisley also appear to have snuck this guy into the scheduled update with Dominion, saying that he was a new administrative assistant who had just moved over from the DMV.

But as we were typing, the indictment popped up online, and HOLY SHIT these women are (ALLEGEDLY) insane.

If the charging document is correct, Peters called up an IT contractor named Jerry Woods and told him she needed him to image the Dominion machines. He said he didn't know how to do it, but Knisley took his Social Security number and ran a background check so that he could get set up with a badge and a "Yubikey" to allow him access to the county's servers using two factor authentication. Only he never got the key, and they kept the badge, too.

Then someone showed up at the "trusted build," that is the update for the machines, claiming to be Woods. That person used the access badge and key issued for Woods. But Woods testified that it wasn't him, and the only other county employee who was there agrees that the person using that badge wasn't the real Jerry Woods. And there's no security footage of this person, because Knisley and Peters saw to it that the cameras would be turned off that day.

Which may have something to do with Peters getting charged by the Mesa County District Attorney with attempting to influence a public servant, criminal impersonation, conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation, identify theft, official misconduct, violation of duty, and failing to comply with the secretary of state. Ditto for the proposed bail for Peters and Knisley, which the government suggests should be set at "no bond pending advisement."

Let's speculate that a woman with such a profound sense of entitlement that she will literally kick a cop on camera is going to find jail something of a shock.

That's a shame dot gif.

Oh, and PS this woman is also running for secretary of state, because ... LOL, 2022!

[Indictment / NPR]

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