Big Sale On Jet Packs This Holiday Season

  • The dangerous terrorist mastermind Saleh Ahmed Hamdan, who committed the brilliant Islamofascist feat of driving Osama bin Laden around in a car, has been sent back to Yemen after spending seven years in US custody. [UPI]
  • The whole developed world faces a horrible prolonged recession, so at least we Americans aren't in this alone! [International Herald Tribune]
  • Where might Barack Obama aim the full force of his massive (stimulus) package? Perhaps at building roads and bridges. [Bloomberg]
  • Today the Treasury will unveil a modest little program to help ease the crunch on consumer lending so people can continue to enjoy credit cards, car loans, and student loans. [AP]
  • Oh huzzah all you holiday-travel procrastinators out there: our craptastic economy means cheap last-minute airfares. [Washington Post]
  • HOLY CRAP JET PACK!!! [Denver Post]

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