Big Tough Nazi Throws Hissy Fit At Bar That Won't Give Him Free Beer

When a Gainesville bar heard the news that America's Most Punchable Nazi Richard Spencer was coming to town to give a speech, and that tickets to the event were free, they came up with a plan to protest the event. Tall Paul's Brew House encouraged customers to get the free tickets, and promised a free beer for each two tickets they brought in. That way, when Spencer got up to speak, he'd find himself speaking to an empty audience.

Nice! Now Gainesville can be world-famous for things other than alligators and the late-'90s ska band Less Than Jake.

Cameron Padgett, a self-identified "identitarian" (read: fancy new term for Nazi) who was responsible for organizing the Richard Spencer event, heard about this promotion and decided he should probably go be a dick about it. So he showed up with three free tickets before the tickets were actually even being given out, and demanded his free beer.

Padgett, who is almost 30 and therefore a grown-ass adult, explained in a video beforehand that he was totally gonna "troll the bar."

When the bartender asked for a moment to verify that the tickets were real -- because, again, they weren't handing them out yet -- Padgett lost his shit and started recording a video claiming that they were not really giving away free beer for the tickets. Charming!

Then he got kicked out. Surprise!

According to Padgett, this was discrimination, because of his "identitarian" beliefs. This would not happen, he says, if he were a Black Lives Matter activist. Which is probably true, because probably a Black Lives Matter activist would not go into a bar with the explicit purpose of being a dick to the people who work there.

That is not discrimination, Cameron. That is equality! Because anyone who goes into a bar and acts like that is going to get booted out. Belligerent people, drunk or not, don't get to stay in the bar. DUH. I, for one, appreciate the bar taking this measure, and should I ever be in Gainesville, I will gladly patronize them.

Earlier in the day, Padgett was the subject of a Miami Herald profile in which he explained that rather than being a racist or a neo-Nazi, he was an "identitarian." This means the exact same thing as those other terms, but is new and therefore -- in his mind and in Spencer's -- less tainted-sounding. Much like the other term Spencer invented, "alt-right." So basically they just keep coming up with new things to call themselves every time people find out what the thing they're calling themselves means.

Via Miami Herald:

“Identitarian means you identify with your race, with your people, with your culture,” he said. “I’d say everyone in Japan is an identitarian. Everyone in Japan. I’d say everyone is an identitarian. They might not admit that because propaganda and things like that.”

He points to the megachurches in Atlanta, separated into majority black and majority white, to public schools, to the suburbs.

“No one forces them to do that. They just naturally do that.”

He thumps his LSAT study notes for emphasis. Padgett sees this segregation as the answer to racial division. The U.S. would be a better place, he says, if every race were relegated to their own corner of the country to live.

Weird how this sounds exactly like the exact same talking points racists have been using for decades to convince people they're not all that bad! Pretty much the same stuff, honestly, that I'd see KKK members saying on Sally Jessy Raphael when I was nine years old. It's the exact same direction that David Duke attempted to take the KKK in when he was National Director of the racist organization. It's cute how they think we don't know this schtick by now.

Personally, I find it offensive that Spencer and Padgett think they are "Identitarianing" with me simply because of the color of my skin. We have nothing in common, and not only because I have never been kicked out of a bar for being rude or belligerent. I would very much not like to be stuck in a corner of the country with such people. Because that would suck.

However, if they wanted to quarantine themselves, I don't think anyone would try to stop them.


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Robyn Pennacchia

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