Bill Clinton Makes Colin Powell Sick, Duh

The Associated Press reports the Colin Powell took ill last night, and totally, totally by coincidence and not related in any way whatsoever, honestly, he had just enjoyed dinner with Bill Clinton:

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was briefly hospitalized early Friday after he fell ill at a restaurant where he was dining with former President Clinton and others, police said.

Aspen police Sgt. Bill Linn said the four-star general told him it appeared to be a combination of altitude sickness and something he ate.

Or something Slick Willy slipped him, right? Or some evil poison slipped into his endive by some scary, terrorist, immigrant dishwasher. Or even more likely, he faked lapsing into unconciousness just to get away from two more hours of "Hillary this" and "Hillary that."

Colin Powell Taken Ill at Clinton Dinner [AP]


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