Bill Donohue's Washington Post Opinion Column Is Even Greater Than Casually 'Aborting [Your] Kids'

Bill Donohue's Washington Post Opinion Column Is Even Greater Than Casually 'Aborting [Your] Kids'

Would anyone mind if theWashington Post just declared Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, the winner of the amateur pundit talent showimmediately? Donohue was a "guest voice" yesterday on Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn's religion thing, in which he heroically thought of this one alliteration: "America's Secular Saboteurs." He's like, "The culture war is up for grabs. The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they're too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. Time, it seems, is on the side of the angels." But like actually.

So you see there is only really so much your Wonkette can do here, in terms of fully mocking this column—Bill Donohue has already taken all the most caustic hyperboles:

Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists, have sought to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions. What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity. They know, deep down, that what they are doing is wrong, and they shudder at the dreaded words, "Thou Shalt Not." But they continue with their death-style anyway.

"Death-style." Flawless. Tiny edit though: if you dislike sexual libertines so much, it's a rather conspicuous omission to not suggest bombing them?

Anyway, if anyone can figure out what this column is about, or responding to, or interested in responding to, you win "runner-up of the pundit contest"... which you can pretend is an "iPhone."

[On Faith]


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