Bill Frist Will Not Be Sending You a Check

Things you shouldn't get too excited about:

First: $100 check from Uncle Sam. Psych! Yeah, it turns out the part where it was funded by taxing the oil industry didn't sit too well with the oil industry. Who coulda seen that one coming? Seriously, is Frist seeking the Republican nomination by suggesting handouts, new taxes, and out of control spending? If so, we may endorse him. We like out-of-control anything, and we were pretty excited about that $100, especially considering that we don't own a car.

Second: The logs of White House visits by our good buddy Jack Abramoff. Scotty more or less said today "we'll release them once we're done scrubbing them" (paraphrase, but close enough). McClellan doesn't even care anymore, he's just gonna start openly declaring that they're deleting emails and shredding documents as fast as they can. Seriously, start watching the briefings, they're gonna get awesome.

Anyone found any Beats Workin' feat. Tony Snow mp3s yet?

White House Cautions on Abramoff Logs [ABC]

Republicans Drop a Tax Plan After Businesses Protest [NYT]


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