Bill Kristol Chit Chats With Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin continues to avoid the "mainstream gotcha media" wing of yellow black journalists after Katie Couric, the host of a basic news program for old people, proved to be too In The Tank in too many interviews. Since last week's debate, she's only granted interviews to such staunch conservative kingpins as Hugh Hewitt, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and, today, Bill "William" Kristol of the liberalNew York Times. Kristol's column about it today is called -- and may we add that this is hilarious -- "The Wright Stuff." Tomorrow Palin is expected to interview with Montgomery Burns.

Bill Kristol asks Palin the tough questions -- how interest rates complicate the world's energy demands, how deleveraging U.S. banks are connected to failing European banks, and so forth and so on:

At one point, noting that Palin had remarked ruefully almost a week ago that her son Track had been, since his recent deployment to Iraq, in touch with his girlfriend but not his mother, I asked whether she had subsequently heard from him.


I pointed out that Obama surely had a closer connection to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright than to Ayers — and so, I asked, if Ayers is a legitimate issue, what about Reverend Wright?

&c. He also offered to moderate a second vice presidential debate.


The Wright Stuff [NYT]


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