Bill Kristol Demands That Fellow Jews Support George W. Bush

Bill Kristol Demands That Fellow Jews Support George W. Bush

New York Times "lightning rod conservative" columnist Bill Kristol was among the group of East Coast elite conservative pundits who supped with communist Barack Obama last week at George Will's oxen farm in Maryland, so we were "interested" to see what he would write in today's edition of his war column. Alas, he simply offers a perfunctory mention of the dinner before this terrifying twist: "...I’ve found myself thinking these last few days more about the man who has shouldered the burdens of office for the past eight years, George W. Bush." Thus begins a rant about his fellow Jews and the anti-Semitic PBS host Bill Moyers, who probably loves the Holocaust.

Bill Kristol actually goes to his synagogue! But it makes him so angry, see? Because all he can think about is why his fellow congregants don't love George W. Bush enough... almost as though they loathe themselves?

He wasn’t my favorite among Republicans in 2000. He has made mistakes as president, and has limitations as a leader. But he has exercised his just and rightful authority in a way — I believe — that deserves recognition and respect.

It will probably be a while before he gets much of either. In synagogue, right after the prayer for our country, there is a prayer for the state of Israel, asking the “rock and redeemer of the people Israel” to “spread over it the shelter of your peace.” As we recited this on Saturday, I couldn’t help but reflect that a distressingly small number of my fellow Jews seem to have given much thought at all to the fact that President Bush is one of the greatest friends the state of Israel — and, yes, the Jewish people — have had in quite a while. Bush stood with Israel when he had no political incentive to do so and received no political benefit from doing so. He was criticized by much of the world. He did it because he thought it the right thing to do.

Yeah, are there any other American presidents who've stood by Israel completely on every occasion? Nope, only George W. Bush, the Protector.

Kristol is glad that George W. Bush was president these last eight years instead of, say, Bill Moyers -- who very well could've been president. Is there any doubt that Bill Moyers would've sold America to Nazi Germany just for his own amusement?

He has been denounced for this, as Israel has been denounced for doing what it judged necessary to defend itself. The liberal sage Bill Moyers has been a harsh critic of Bush. On Jan. 9, on PBS, he also lambasted Israel for what he called its “state terrorism,” its “waging war on an entire population” in Gaza. He traced this Israeli policy back to the Bible, where “God-soaked violence became genetically coded,” apparently in both Arabs and Jews. I wouldn’t presume to say what is and isn’t “genetically coded” in Moyers’s respectable Protestant genes. But I’m glad it was George W. Bush calling the shots over the last eight years, not someone well-thought of by Moyers.

... Slow news week?

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