Bill Kristol Ensures ObamaCare Will Last Beyond 2013


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Awful human being Bill Kristol predicted on Fox News yesterday that this health care reform bill will be repealed in 2013 -- or "the bulk of it" at least, which probably means repealing the insurance mandate, which will cause premiums to exponentially skyrocket, which will then mean having to repeal the pre-existing condition/lifetime caps/rescission consumer protections, etc. etc.; policy people did put SOME thought into this construction -- and so we can now safely bet that it will not be repealed ever, since Bill Kristol is wrong about everything.

Also note Brit Hume joining the chorus about how Republicans should follow Paul Ryan's Very Serious Fiscally Responsible Plan For Budgets And Money And Deficits Which Is Very Serious. It is a Very Serious Plan, and everyone loves it, especially the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

Contrary to claims that the Ryan plan is fiscally responsible — which reflect a misunderstanding of CBO’s analysis of the proposal — the plan would leave the federal budget in dire straits for decades as a result of its massive tax cuts for wealthy households and its diversion of Social Security payroll taxes to private accounts. The plan attempts to reduce deficits and debt many decades into the future by making deep cuts in Social Security’s defined benefits and by eliminating guaranteed Medicare benefits and substantially cutting back on medical assistance for low-income families and seniors. Yet even with these sweeping changes, the plan fails to achieve its fiscal goal, since federal debt under the proposal would rise over the next four decades to unsustainable levels far in excess of 100 percent of GDP. The proposal also would seriously erode employer-sponsored health insurance coverage for working Americans and their families without instituting the accompanying reforms in health insurance needed to create a viable substitute. All in all, the Ryan Roadmap charts a radical course that, if they understood it, few Americans likely would want to follow.




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