Bill Kristol Has A Scoop!

HA,Bill Kristol's column is like seriously not bad today. Hooray! This is because he writes about actual political strategy and not about how Obama is Hitler at the War Dildo. And he has a scoop, from his friends who work for McCain. Oh neat a scoop.

Of course, the truth is probably the opposite, because it's Kristol, but myah:

John McCain apparently intends to announce his pick after the Democratic convention. There’s been thought given to announcing McCain’s selection the day after Barack Obama’s Thursday night Aug. 28 acceptance speech, to try to minimize Obama’s postconvention bounce.

But the current inclination is to wait until after Labor Day weekend, which ends with President Bush’s speech Monday, the first night of the G.O.P. convention. Then the McCain camp would hope to seize attention Tuesday with the V.P. announcement. A strong pick, followed by the V.P. nominee’s remarks Wednesday and then McCain’s speech Thursday, could provide a good launch into the last 60 days of the campaign.

Oh poor George W. Bush, not getting any respect. We like Bush more than McCain these days, since he will presumably be gone forever in a few months.


Just floating it.

Anyway, good job this week Kristie, you complete fucking piece of shit war criminal! HA HA HA!!!

How to Pick a V.P. [New York Times]


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