Bill Kristol: Spend Money On Military, Not Fanciful Green Thingies

Just now your editors were having a little talky about our secret boyfriend, theNew York Times' token cross-dressing felcher Bill Kristol. "His column is boring and moderate this week," said our Jim Newell. "He probably has some solid shit-eating lines, though." And WALLAH, just like that, we found a nugget of silliness embedded at the very end of this kind of dull review of different strains of conservatism.

Basically, Kristol says that small-government conservatives are fucked forever, so they better start loving big government, or at least start dreaming up new ways to spend the taxpayer dollars they are supposed to dislike spending so much. So here is an idea! In our new era of globalization, in which America no longer fights conventional wars but instead engages in long-term efforts that are a hybrid of nation-building and police action, and in which half of our fucking problems can be directly traced to our dependence on fossil fuels imported from unfriendly thugs in the Middle East and the Caucasus and Africa and Venezuela, Bill Kristol thinks we should spend MORE money on bombs and less on "fanciful" renewable energy projects.

[I]f you’re against big government, you’ll oppose a huge public works stimulus package. If you think some government action is inevitable, you might instead point out that the most unambiguous public good is national defense. You might then suggest spending a good chunk of the stimulus on national security — directing dollars to much-needed and underfunded defense procurement rather than to fanciful green technologies, making sure funds are available for the needed expansion of the Army and Marines before rushing to create make-work civilian jobs.

Clearly, our best hope for a national "project" to revive our economy and restore our standing in the world would be to incinerate a giant bag of one billion dinosaur dicks and then feed the remains to Bill Kristol.

Small Isn’t Beautiful [New York Times]


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