Bill Maher: Champion Of Mediocrity

Bill Maher is an assclown. This is not the first timewe haveoutlined this. But it is important we set the stage at where we are. On the August 2 episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher," he ended his show with his usual “NEW RULES" segment, with the final one always a small rant. Here it is for context:

In this rant, Maher tried to convince his audience to support Joe Biden by talking down to them:

Fatigue is the best thing we've (Democrats) got going for us […] The voters that Democrats need to win, the moderates who have Trump fatigue, will vote against the good economy I think just to get back to normalcy. But they won't trade it away for left-wing extremism. […] This election is about 2 things: Fatigue and Fear. We have Fatigue, He has Fear. Fear of 'socialism', fear of 'open borders', fear of 'getting rid of private health insurance', fear of 'higher taxes.' He's running on "The communists are coming! Shit yourselves." We should run on “Elect Me and we can stop talking about him." All the Democrats have to do to win is to come off less crazy than him...and of course they're blowing it! Coming across as unserious people who are going to take away all your money so migrants from Honduras can go to college for free and get a major in “America Sucks." Now do I want Biden to be president? Not really, but Biden is the only one who beats Trump in Ohio. He's like non-dairy creamer: Nobody loves it but in a jam, it gets the job done[…] He's like a McDonald's when you're in Europe. I'm sick of hearing Democrats need to "excite the base." TRUMP EXCITES THE BASE! […] let the fatigue win the election for us. […]

So much to unpack on this rant. His main argument is that "Trump fatigue" will be enough to win the election. Considering Maher lived through the re-election of George W. Bush, he should probably know better. Simply counting on your opponent to be so shitty that you don't have to excite your own base is lazy as hell. "Don't work hard, kids! So long as the other guy sucks, you'll fail to the top!"

Then there are the moments when it's evident that you can't sleep with conservatives and not catch something, namely repugnant Republican talking points about "socialism," "open borders," "higher taxes," "private health insurance," and "immigrants" coming to "get free college" and "hate America." He has the nerve to say Democrats are "coming across as unserious people" while filling his rant with leftovers from Dinesh D'Souza's tweets.

But sure, let's address some of his issues, shall we?

We already have 'socialist' programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the NFL (yep), etc. They are what people call the 'social fabric' or 'social safety net.' They are essential to a society and most developed countries have a mix of them.

Wanting the U.S. to not be purposely cruel to immigrants, undocumented citizens, children and "Dreamers" is not "Open Borders." It's just not being bullies while pretending we are the "shining city on the hill."

"Higher Taxes" to pay for these social programs that we are already paying to corporations for necessities is not "raising" taxes. It's shifting the costs and, by most economist's estimations, for less than we pay now.

"Private health insurance" also exists in countries with a single payer healthcare system. But considering premiums, co-pays, deductibles, coverage gaps, caps... it seems clear that our current system isn't working so well.

We should vote for Joe Biden because he beats Trump in the polls as of now (Jeb! was doing awesome in 2015 & Trump was a joke). And your pitch is "Biden is bland, unoriginal and just the bare minimum."

Now where have I heard something similar?

Now after the shootings that happened in El Paso and Dayton the next day, I thought this was not worth arguing about. But something happened, namely Maher tried making this argument in his "New Rules" rant on this past Friday and decided to add some generational disdain at "millennials":

This is the new trick in Democratic politics: Dig up something your opponent said decades ago that looks bad by today's standards and pretend that's a "mic drop" evidence of your "awesome moral superiority."[…]"woke liberal time machine bullshit"[…] Liberals are funny they believe in evolution, except when it comes to people.[…]Obama was against gay marriage when he became president , as was most of the country. you recall who got him to "evolve"? Biden! Humans evolve.[…] Millennials seem to think they came along right when society met perfection.[…] You're not morally better than your grandparents, you just came later. […] Can we stop pointing at people breaking rules that didn't exist yet and "grandfather" in the shit YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IF YOU WERE ALIVE THEN? [...] I'm sorry Joe Biden had to get along with segregationists[…]

So in Maher's world, we can argue about Hillary's history and Trump's history but Biden is off limits. Why? Because according to Bill, those "rules that didn't exist yet." Even though at the same time as Biden, Frank Sinatra was telling John Wayne to fuck himself (because he was a scumbag), James Baldwin's writing about race and the Civil Rights movement existed. It's the "it wasn't racist then" fallacy white men fall into because back then they could ignore marginalized voices. Now they can be accountable for them. Also we have heard THAT argument, too.

But let's say we "grandfather" Biden's old stances. Let's say he "evolved," even though Biden says he has nothing to apologize for, so no actual evolution, Bill.

I see why you're going "hard on the paint" for Joe Biden, Maher. He reminds you of yourself, in idiocy and misunderstanding the 21st Century. So much so, you basically admit you're one issue away from being a Trump voting Republican:

Must be nice to be so privileged that you can ignore the racism and cruelty so long as you get your pet issue.

Biden has clearly shown his "operating system" is outdated and obsolete.

And so are you, Maher.

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