Bill Nye Explains To Fox News Moon Volcanoes Don't Cause Global Warming


Bill Nye the Science Guy! We remember him. "Bill Nye the Science Guy" was a 90s television program on PBS Kids that taught science in fun and accessible ways to children. Explaining science to children, you might say, is Bill Nye's great gift. Here is Bill Nye talking to Fox News anchor Jon Scott about the exciting recent discovery of volcanoes on the Moon and its implications for life's origins. Scott isn't terribly interested in this, but he does want to know if these volcano things caused the climate change on the moon. It's not like humans even burned any fossil fuels on the moon, and look how the moon turned out!

Bill Nye sort of stares at him for a second, because for a scientist this irrational tangent is probably a little hard to follow. Sorry, Bill, we should have reminded you to review a dictionary of idiot speak before you went on the show. The word "science" sounds like "global warming conspiracy" in a Fox News brain. Nye patiently explains to Jon Scott that volcanoes have nothing to do with global warming, mining does, and science shows that global warming will make Earth into a hellfire lava pool that kills off every living thing, more like Venus. That's what "science" says. Blank stare. What do hippie leftist environazis have to do with Venus? Okay, well thanks. That's the last time Fox News tries to invite an actual children's science teacher on the program. [Media Matters]


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