Bill O'Reilly's Wars On Vampires, Christmas

America's crazy uncle who won't shut up is at it again, and this time he's insulting U.S. vampires by denigrating their patron saint, Dracula.

Emboldened by the Democrat victory earlier this month, the far left is rising like Dracula at midnight.
Whatever, racist. And Dracula didn't "rise at midnight" any more than your precious Jesus "rose on Thursday."

Not that O'Reilly actually cares about Jesus, or the Jews who allegedly produced Jesus. Remember that whole thing about how referring to the, uh, holidays as "holidays" -- which actually means Holy Days -- was "insulting to Christian America"? Guess who insulted Christian America (and the crying Baby Jesus) on the teevee last night? That's right: Mr. McHatey himself. He said his website was being redesigned "for the holidays." Hope you like Hell, atheist!

Here comes the Left [Bill O'Reilly]

O'Reilly Momentarily Joins War on Christmas [ThinkProgress]


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