Bill Richardson, Perpetual Secretary

  • Shorter automaker bailout: Ford is fairly screwed, while GM and Chrysler are extra screwed. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Many Michigan residents have little sympathy for the Big Three automakers and their bailout request. [New York Times]
  • Saab's executives are confident that somebody will want to buy the company if GM decides to sell it. [CNN]
  • Condi Rice will be meeting with Indian authorities, while Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, talks with the Pakistani government and military about what the hell happened in Mumbai. [BBC News]
  • Nobody needs copper anymore, now that nobody is building houses or experiencing that "prosperity" thing that leads to growth and increased copper demand. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Chinese-American activists do not like Bill Richardson, because he refuses to say he made any serious errors in the Wen Ho Lee case. Lee was a Los Alamos Lab scientist accused (and later cleared) of selling nuclear secrets to the Chinese while Richardson was Energy Secretary under Bill Clinton. [San Jose Mercury News]

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