UPDATED: Bin Laden Used Wife As Human Shield In Firefight


In addition to bin Laden, at least three other people were killed in the operation, U.S. officials said, including a man they believe to be one of Bin Laden's sons. Officials said that the action also claimed the life of a woman whom one of bin Laden's aides used as a human shield, they said. Two other bin Laden aides were wounded.

Just terrific people, these gentlemen. The debate about whether or not to take pleasure in bin Laden's death with rage on, but it's safe to say the planet is better of without these guys living on it.

And now Obama no longer needs to wear sunglasses, because there's now just a permanent pair on his face, from all the badass.

UPDATE: It was Bin Laden himself. The woman? One of his wives. How romantic!

UPDATE II: Actually, he didn't use his wife as a shield. And he wasn't armed. Okay. But they seem to be still sticking to the story that he's dead, so.

[Yahoo News]


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