Bipartisanship Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Joe Lieberman: the most bipartisan man in the history of bipartisanship! He's so averse to more of this petty inter-party squabbling that he won't investigate the White House response to Hurricane Katrina after all! Despite, you know, heading the committee that's supposed to oversee FEMA and kind of promising that he would before that election thing.

No, instead he'll hold regular tea parties with President Bush and Susan Collins where they'll chat about Surges and Joe will tell them how hard it is to be the second or third most right-wing zealot on foreign policy matters in the Senate totally above the fray.

[Lieberman spokesdouche Marshall] Wittmann says Lieberman is trying to take on the role that Henry (Scoop) Jackson played in the 1960s and 1970s--a tough "national security" Senate Democrat who was willing to cross party lines to work closely with Republican presidents like Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. "That's the tradition he is following," Wittmann said.

Man, we're gonna be in Vietnam forever.

Bush's Best Democratic Buddy [Newsweek]


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