Birther Hip-Hop Artist Wins Prestigious Birther Music Video Award


  • Why is Matt Yglesias such a self-loathing Jew? [Matt Yglesias]

  • “Here was this guy Michael Savage screaming and ranting and raving about illegal immigration Islamofascism and you know it all started to click and make sense." The End. [Think Progress]

  • We love Erick Erickson and his enchanting stories about how Jesus denied illegal immigrant lepers health care. But what's this, Erick? Five links, accompanied by five little commentaries? Fishy! What should RedState call their Rumors on the Internets? Our vote: "Reagan's Daily Bidding." [RedState]

  • Joe Lieberman. Technically, not a Republican. And not a Democrat, either. But how can he call himself an Independent if he is still breastfed by Harry Reid and John Boehner (they alternate teets)? We will compromise and call him a Poopoocrat. [TPM]

  • Barack Obama and Bill Clinton went on their first big date, and shared an apple pie milkshake and talked about health care reform, blowjobs, and other White House pastimes. [The Caucus]


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