Birther Lawyer Philip Berg Forgot To Do Anything Other Than Sue Obama And Is Now Suspended


Remember way back on Monday when welawsplained to you how inveterate fabulist Stephen Glass did not get to be a lawyer in California because of the ceaseless lying (and racisms!), and you guys were all like OH YEAH WHAT ABOUT BIRTHER QUEEN ORLY TAITZ, HMMM? SHE IS STILL A LAWYER, HENNNGGHH? We do not control the Supreme Court of California and cannot fix this problem for you, and Ms. Taitz sadly remains allowed to practice. However, the US Supremes did claim the scalp of another famous birther lawyer, Philip Berg, after Pennsylvania suspended him from practicing for two years. What was his crime? Loving hating Obama so much that he kind of forgot he had other things to work on.

Do you remember Philip Berg? How dare you forget his name. He was one of the first valiant freedom fighters against Obama's tyranny.

In 2008, Mr. Berg filed one of the first “birther” lawsuits, asking a federal judge in Philadelphia to bar Mr. Obama from office because of groundless speculation by some on the political fringe that the Democratic nominee had falsified records of his 1961 birth in Honolulu.

The court dismissed the case, finding that Mr. Berg had no standing to bring the claim, and was upheld by the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in Philadelphia. Mr. Berg repeatedly sought Supreme Court intervention on his behalf, petitioning Justices David Souter and Anthony Kennedy, each of whom denied his claim, and then Antonin Scalia, who referred the case to the full court, which rejected the appeal without comment.

Perhaps you do not really remember Philip Berg because Orly Taitz was the sun in the solar system of birthers, blocking out the distant stars of other birther lawyers. True story: Berg and Taitz were once friends and fellow crusaders against the Kenyan Muslin pretender, but then Berg sued Taitz because only one can be queen.

Berg likely found lots of time to work on suing Taitz and Bamz because he kept ignoring his other cases.

But while Mr. Berg doggedly pursued Mr. Obama, he was not so assiduous in caring for his own clients, according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which in September suspended him from the practice of law for two years.

The U.S. Supreme Court followed by asking Mr. Berg to show cause why it should not disbar him from its practice; he responded by resigning from the Supreme Court bar, which the justices noted in an order earlier this month. [...]

According to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s disciplinary board, Mr. Berg was derelict in representing the wife of a Hell’s Angel, who had hired him to sue the Lancaster, Pa. police over an allegedly warrantless search and seizure of her home during while investigating her husband’s stabbing of a rival motorcycle gang member.

The board found that Mr. Berg failed to answer a motion to dismiss filed by the police defendants, prompting a federal judge to throw out the suit. Mr. Berg dissembled when his client would inquire about progress in the case, the board found, until 2009, when she discovered through an Internet search that the suit had been dismissed years earlier.

Wouldn't you think if there was one case you might not drop the ball on, it would be one related to your local Hell's Angels? And wouldn't you also think that it is pretty easy to check if a lawsuit is still active (it is! most states have easily searchable free tools on their court websites! the more you know!) and your Hell's Angels old lady could just pound her name into a search box and find out oh oops, she does not actually still have a lawsuit? Bad idea, Phil. Does Phil blame himself for what happened? Ha ha silly of course not. He's thinking the suspension is possibly retaliation from the Pennsylvania Supremes. Retaliation for what, we're not sure -- and we suspect he's not sure either. It's all just proof of how the Great Pretender Obama has his tentacles into every aspect of our lives, including the Pennsylvania lawyer's disciplinary board. Seems reasonable.

Berg is bloodied but unbowed, and is now going to write a book about Obama, pouring his delusions into that medium while waiting out his two year suspension until he can apply to practice in Pennsylvania again. We're sure the book will be a triumph of literature, a devastatingly thoughtful argument, and the thing that finally brings Obama down. Godspeed, Phil.



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