'Birther Soldier' Basically Fires Orly Taitz, Who Claims Letter 'Birther Soldier' Wrote Was Forged, Etc... Huh?

'Birther Soldier' Basically Fires Orly Taitz, Who Claims Letter 'Birther Soldier' Wrote Was Forged, Etc... Huh?

The latest escapade from "queen birther," the esteemed dentist-lawyer Orly Taitz, is moving forward quite rapidly and is hilarious and hopefully there will be no more updates during the writing of this post because HOLD UP ONE SECOND, PLEASE, OKAY?

The last time we checked in on Taitz, she was being mocked by a federal judge in an official court opinion dismissing her latest soldier-client's suit to avoid fighting overseas until the Commander-in-Chief presents the very very secret locked-up outer-space version of his birth certificate. The judge also threatened sanctions against Taitz if she keeps filing all of her frivolous lawsuits. Taitz responded by, guess what, filing another motion -- an emergency measure for stay of deployment for this soldier, Connie Rhodes.

THEN, however, Rhodes herself wrote the judge saying, Please throw away this latest motion from Orly Taitz, she is insane and I did not authortize her to do this and I will just go to Iraq, where in fact I already am:

... please withdraw the Motion to Stay that Ms. Taitz filed this past Thursday. I did not authorize it and do not wish to proceed. Ms. Taitz never requested my permission nor did I give it. I would not have been aware of this if I did not see it on the late news on Thursday night before going to board my plane to Iraq on Friday, September 18, 2009.

Taitz, who actually responds to comment requests from Talking Points Memo, tells them that she will STOP AT NOTHING, and also, Connie's letter was probably forged.

I don't know if this letter came from her, since she is in Iraq now and the Office -max store from where it came, states that they don't send faxes for customers. The signature on her notarized letter from Kansas and this letter looks different.

Signed, "Orly Taitz DDS Esq."

So that's what's up with Orly Taitz today.

Taitz: Ex-Client's Letter Renouncing Me In Birther Case May Be A Forgery [TPM]

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