Black Birthers Bothering Kamala Harris With Basic Bullsh*t

ADoS: American Descendants of Slavery is a group founded by Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore, and and their agenda ranges from reasonable demands to extreme assholery. A few of the main points: affirmative action solely for ADOS, the Voting Rights Act fixed, SBA loans, infrastructure, an end to mass incarceration, and money for HBCUs. So far, so good. Then they want limits on HB-1 Visas (Um? Hmmm), which matters A LOT to them, also direct cash payments, and most of all, separate categories for Black ADOS, and Black Immigrants. Which leads to Harris, as all roads do.

From WaPo:

They say calling Harris "African American," when her parents were born in Jamaica and India, effectively erases the history of most black people in this country, whose ancestors were American slaves and who have suffered for generations as a result.

I don't feel this way.

"You don't voluntarily immigrate into a community that is supposedly segregated, and then claim the struggles of people who have been here chained to chattel slavery for multiple generations," one of the activists, Antonio Moore, said on his online radio show. "Kamala Harris does not have a black agenda."

These are educated people. No need for me to talk down to them and explain that Black Jamaicans are of African origin, and that their children born here are of US nationality, aka American, rather than Jamaican. So, basically, ADOS is anti-immigrant, and resents black immigrants being categorized with us.

Moore is a leader of a tiny but outspoken movement called American Descendants of Slavery, or ADOS, which has been rattling Democratic strategists and enraging some liberal black leaders by calling for a reimagining of black identity that replaces skin color with historical lineage as the defining characteristic. Descendants of American slaves, they say, should not be seen as part of broader groups like "people of color" or "minorities," because their historical situation is completely different.

They just natter on and on like that forever, and usually conversations with them devolve into them cutting up the imaginary reparations pie. Also, there are things about the group that are, for lack of better terms, strange as fuck. Take Yvette Carnell, the outspoken leader who hosts a podcast where she spends time castigating whomever isn't being black properly. She is a board member of PFIR, Progressives for Immigration Reform, a group that had been labeled as problematic by the ADL, and that has ties to FAIR, a known hate group founded by John Tanton, who is super racist.

It starts to make more sense when you look at the stances the group takes against Harris.


Don't watch that! It's as crazy as you think it is.

Like I said these are Birthers. Fuck them.

I was "outed" by the group for having a Hispanic surname; when I was asked for my name, I gave it. I was told to stfu about ADOS business, and also told to "go eat some tacos," when I tried to say this division between immigrant black and native black was some racist ass bullshit. But since I love tacos, I ate some tacos. Was that a punishment? Unfortunately for Kamala Harris, she also has the "stain" of minority immigrant blood flowing through HER veins, therefore, she can't have a reparations check either, but I guess she can sit next to me and eat her Jerk Chicken (tandoori!) while I eat my tacos in the corner.

Bigotry plus power is how we black identity extremists, aka "Intersectional Black Feminists," and other social justice warriors define racism. By that definition, while blacks cannot necessarily practice racism against whites, the "in power" group, we CAN be racist against other blacks and minorities. So, in my obviously correct opinion, ADOS is nothing more than an astroturfed Black Nationalist movement, that started out as a quasi-legitimate movement of like minded activists who may simply have their message distorted by malicious intruders into their movement, although I doubt it. Their message is crap.

I was online when Harris announced, and I saw firsthand the influx of ADOS accounts before anyone besides Talib Kweli, a well-known rap artist who has been harassed by them for months. I have one very good reason to push back on black activists who say they are trying to extract reparations for me from the land of White Supremacy, and that is because their first stop was to harass non-ADOS blacks, and I was not fucking having it. So, I lost my Black Card too. But as Kamala Harris said when asked about her status, "I was born black and I'll die black, and I am proud of it. And I am not going to make any excuses for it, for anybody, because they don't understand." And they can kiss our asses.

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