Black McCain Supporter Cannot Buy 'Black Men For McCain' Shirt, Because There Is No Such Thing


Thanks to Wonkette niche blog operative "Colin" for introducing us to the blog"BLACK MEN FOR MCCAIN." Who knew! Unfortunately one of these black men is pissed as all get-out at McCain's Online Store. He notes that the store sells tee shirts for the following groups -- Women For McCain, Irish For McCain, Jewish Americans For McCain, Hispanics For McCain, Asian & Pacific Islanders For McCain, and Arab Americans For McCain -- but none for our swarthiest brethren. He writes, "I’m black, proud, and I want a damn T-shirt. I have contacted the McCain campaign and received no reply. I think it’s safe to assume that if Arab Americans get their own shirt, Black Men are not asking too much…" It's rather impressive (impressive?) that neocon bomb & blood fetishist John McCain expects more ARAB votes than black votes. [Black Men For McCain]


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