Black Men In Suits All Look Alike

In our last episode of "TV News Producers Think All Black Guys Look Alike," Fox News was caught showing video of Congressman John Conyers when they were actually talking about Congressman William Jefferson. One is the powerful House Judiciary Chairman, while the other is a crook from Louisiana. Both, however, are black men who wear suits in DC.

But there was another such incident later that same week that was tragically under-reported. ABC News showed a picture of beloved DC councilman and America's Mayor Marion Barry to illustrate a story about DC administrative judge Roy L. Pearson, a lunatic who is suing a Korean dry cleaner for $54 million, due to a lost pair of pants.

True, nobody knows what Pearson looks like -- this appears to be the only photograph of him, and it's just a screen grab from a French TV documentary about Americans being morons -- but it is apparently known that Pearson is black. ABC says they screwed up because Marion Barry just happened to be having a drunk-driving hearing at the same DC court where Pearson was losing his stupid lawsuit. That's just ridiculous, because experts know Barry is always in court on drunk-driving charges.

ABC apologizes for Marion Barry flub [AP]

Verdict Reached In $54 Million Pants Case [WTOP]


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