Black Republicans Make Movie To Tell Black People To Stop Being Slaves


[youtube expand=1]

GET ON THIS MAN'S UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, BLACK PEOPLE! Haha, you guys are on a plantation still. WHAT? THAT IS NOT OFFENSIVE! You are slaves to statists, you see. And this man is allowed to say you are being enslaved by the Democrats because HE IS BLACK. So why don't you watch this hip movie? Look, that man is running places! RUN! RUN! RUN! Stop criticizing tax cuts for the rich! RUN, GOD DAMNIT, YOU STUPID SLAVES!

It is pretty cool that this guy managed to round up ALL existent black Republicans for this film. It's like a family reunion! They all seem to make a lot of sense, so Democrats should be very afraid.

Sure, it may seem like this pastor guy hasn't talked to any actual black people in a while. But his plan to call them offensive names will surely make them want to join the Rand Paul RLOVEution. TAKE THAT, STATISTS.

Oh, and "civil rights," among other things, is the answer to the first question of the second guy in the video.

Anyway, Team Sarah loves it!

Yes, how dare Obama use the name of that Lutheran?



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