The Pet GoatOn Monday, I directed you to an ultra-glamorous velvet painting of the secretary of state as an example of the wonderful world of Condi-inspired art. Since I was in a Condicentric mood (as usual), I never thought to see what else this gifted painter had to offer. Well, let me tell you, the Condi painting on black velvet was only the tip of a fabulous iceberg! Join me after the jump to marvel over Velvet Rove, Velvet Cheney, Velvet Ashcroft and... Velvet Lynndie England? Are these the most superfantastic portraits of our time? Probably!

All these and many more can be seen in "brobison"'s outstanding eBay store. Guaranteed to be genuinely Mexican, the selection includes the usual suspects for the medium (Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Satan) as well as some pop-culture-savvy surprises (Jon-Benet Ramsey, Phil Spector in full hairdo) which startled me with the realization that hipster irony exists south of the border, too! By far the most inspired, though, are the Republican heroes, so without further ado, here's melting Dick Cheney:

I'm melting! Mellllting!

Pretty sure this is John Ashcroft right before he bursts into song:

Let the eagle soar!

Elderly "boy genius" Karl Rove:

Bush's velvet brain

Republican heroine Monica Lewinsky (please appreciate the pearl necklace):

Mind the Gap

And my personal favorite (besides the Phil Spector), a touching Chiaroscuro study of greatest American patriot Lynndie England:

Have you done a Lynndie lately?

Oh, be still my heart! May I mount it over the bed?

Possibly fictional Velvet Master of Tijuana, I salute you!

Black Velvet Paintings Store (eBay)


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