Blackwater Is For Our Children's Future

* John Edwards smash! [Wizbang Politics]

* A certain someone is more self-aware than we thought. [Michelle Malkin]

* Among the 10 most dangerous organizations in America are "universities and colleges". [Think Progress]

* That same footage that Fox made McCain pull is OK for Rudy "9/11 9/11 9/11" Giuliani, probably because of his mafia connections. Seriously. Mafia connections. We have it on good authority. [Election Central]

* Saddam bin Laden is going to try and retake his Georgia Senate seat. [Political Wire]

* SCHIP is or our children's ability to run for office as Democrats far into the future and win. [The Hill Blog]

* What better than being able to kill whoever you want whenever you want without being sibject to the laws of any nation while being paid billions of dollars by the government? Why, not having to pay taxes of course! [Muckraker]


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