Bleeding-Heart Police Chiefs Oppose Arizona's Brave Immigration Law

Yesterday was Super-Cop Day, whenmany of the nation's top cops met Attorney General Eric Holder to tell him that Arizona's upcoming summer blockbuster of a law, "Jail the Browns," might not be such a useful hammer in the old law enforcement toolbox after all. They think it might be harder to do police work when everybody is constantly flinging carne asada con guacamole burritos at their heads, shouting "death to los puercos!" and things.

Also, "it's very divisive," this anti-Latino stuff. Holder offered the nice policemen some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and wanted to hear "all about this unusual immigration law" that he still hasn't read, because he does not want to disappoint America's frog puppets and plus he doesn't read Spanish that well.

The law will cause a "fracture" between the police and their communities and damage the trust law enforcement officials have been building for decades, Tucson chief of police Roberto Villasenor [a brown] said at a press conference after the meeting.

"When you enact legislation that makes any subset of that community feel like they are being targeted specifically or have concerns about coming forward and talking to the police, that damages our capability to obtain information to solve the crimes that we need to work with," Villasenor said.

But there won't be any more crimes to solve after all of the illegals are locked up in the INS warehouses, so what is this guy talking about? Anyway, Villasenor was the only police chief in all of Arizona to attend the press conference -- everyone else was from places like Philadelphia and Houston, where they know FUCK ALL about how much suffering and terror Arizonans have faced all these years.

Some very astute criminologists have pointed out just how much these sappy small-town police chiefs don't know in comments that they've literally spat onto the Internet. Por ejemplo:

"Do your jobs and there won't be any Illegals for you to worry about fracturing your relationship with you stupid sycophant cops."


"Ten politically appointed police chiefs are invited to Washington to support Chicago Eric Holder's view that we should allow the illegals to stay and invite more......... what a crock. How about the other thousand police chiefs who have to deal with these criminals every day?"

OK, one more:

"Here in Santa Rosa California the illegals are meeting with the cops and telling the City of Santa Rosa Police, "don't tow our car when we get got driving illegally because we can't get to work until we get another one" And the cops are actually on the defensive groveling before the illegal aliens."

Well, there you have it: That unanimous, post-9/11, "all cops are heroes" sentiment isn't what it used to be. But when every police officer in America except "America's Toughest Sheriff" Joe Arpaio is turning into a sombrero-dancing sissypants, maybe the police don't deserve any special treatment. [ABC News]


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