Blog Roundup: Insert Your "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" Puns Here

* Attytood: "But wouldn't you know it, Cheney went and shot one of the few decent folks he's spent any time around in the last five years."

* Atrios: The laconic economist posts pictures of Cheney's hunting party. It looks disconcertingly like a shooting gallery.

* The Corner: They seem to be split between finding this as funny as we do, and being fairly worried. One of their readers writes in: "This event is equiv to Cheney backing out of his garage and running over the paper boy--breaking his leg." Ok, we know he's completely sincere, but why didn't any of you come up with something that funny?

* Mark Levin: "Who cares? I don't."

* Doghouse Riley: "Surprise Witness Backs Cheney Alibi!"


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